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Our Biography

Michael Wang, D.C.

Kirsten Krause, D.C.

Brian Burkholder, D.C.

Our Education

We have always known that a chiropractor is only as good as the education and training they have received. We have attended and graduated from the best school our profession has to offer. Collectively we have over 25 years of higher education and continue to attend classes annually to stay up to date in order to best serve you and your family.

Doctorate’s of Chiropractic: Palmer College of Chiropractic West ( Dr. Wang, Dr. Krause, & Dr. Burkholder)

Bachelor of Science: UCLA (Dr. Krause)

Bachelor of Arts: University of California, Riverside (Dr. Wang)

Graston Technique Certification (Dr. Wang)

Medical Staff United States Shuai Chiao Association (Dr. Wang)

Medical Staff for Taiwanese Chinese American Athletic Tournament (Dr. Wang)

Whiplash & Brain injury Traumatology (Dr. Burkholder)

Motor Vehicle Crash Forensic Risk Analysis Certification (Dr. Burkholder)

Spine Research Institute Of San Diego Advanced Certification (Dr. Burkholder)

Industrial Disability Evaluator: (Dr. Burkholder)

Post-Graduate Clinical/Radiology Fellowship: (Dr. Krause)

Our Background

Dr. Wang grew up right here in the Bay Area and is passionate about serving his local community.  His decision to join Krause Family Chiropractic as the primary adjusting doctor has been whole heartedly received by our new and old patients alike.  His love of chiropractic and sports has guided his focus on the health and well being of those he works with and he is looking forward to providing many years of service.  He is recently married and enjoys basketball, hiking, and travel.

Dr. Burkholder was born right here in San Jose, CA.  He has been an avid soccer player since the age of 7.  At age 16, while playing soccer, he injured his hip and low back. Chiropractic care enabled him to recover and continue to play. His growing interest and knowledge of sports injuries and rehabilitation lead him to his career as a chiropractor.  He has worked with the San Diego arena football team, providing chiropractic care before and after games.  Dr Burkholder specializes in motor vehicle injuries, assessment and treatment including rehabilitation.  He enjoys spending a lot of his time coaching his two boys and working with local high school sports teams.

Dr. Krause grew up in Morgan Hill, CA. She enjoyed playing sports and music. During those years however, she had also been a victim of chronic headaches and low back pain and by the age of 19 could not sit in class for more than 10 minutes. After 3 years of pain she saw a chiropractor who restored her health and gave her the chance to live pain free, all within 3 months. That inspiration lead her to chiropractic school and to open her own family practice.

In Practice Since: 1996